Saturday, August 29, 2015

Beginning of the year reading goals

Kristin from teaching in a nutshell gave my little blog a fresh look and I am loving it! As proud as I was to have done what I did to it initially, I am SO happy with the outcome. Super sweet, go check her out! Her Instagram in Tesching in a Nutshell. If you don't follow her already, you should!

 I have been in school with students for 13 days. I teach gifted and talented and work to give 1st graders extra support and I love it. The difference in what I do each day makes it interesting. All the kids I work with are so sweet.   We have been doing our version of #bookaday2015-16        With Stacy from literacy for big kids. Teaching multi-grades and seeing them once a week makes a little hard to do a chapter read aloud, so reading smler books is perfect for us. We started off by watching The Fantantistic Flying Books of Mr. Lessmore. We watched it on YouTube.

It gave me chills and my fifth graders clapped at the end of it! Wow, what a great way to kick off finding books that we love and setting reading goals. I modeled for the students what I was reading currently reading  (Rump) and how I wanted t read 40 books this year-that's the goal anyway. It was great seeing how the students varied in how they made their goals. One very young student wanted to read her 180 page book this year. One very young boy wanted to read 6 nonfiction books this year. We made little name plates with our goals written in white crayon. 

I can't wait to make a chart to help us keep up with all of the great books we're reading and maybe a recommendation tree? In my room. I feel some craftiness coming on. I hope you all are enjoying your first few weeks of school!

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