Saturday, July 18, 2015

Teachers on vacation! A REFLECTION 👍

This post is not "school related", but I wanted to get back into the work of blogging and the best way to do that is to just start. 

CORRECTION-it is <somewhat> school related 😱 🎉 
A REFLECTION here at the end of summer. It's NOT too late 😜

Ok so there's this place I've wanted to go forever called....Disney World! I've never been and neither had the husband or kids. We had wanted to go few times before but it just wasn't the right time. So glad we finally had the chance to go. It was amazing!

Here are my 5 reflections from my the trip that I connected to school.

1. How at home I felt at Disney.
2. The Cast Members were so helpful and friendly. They bent over backward to accommodate.
3. The attention to detail was amazing!
4. Every attraction, ride, or show was completely engaging.
5. It amazes me how Walt Disney carried out his huge dream. It is amazing and has lasted and grown over the years because of his vision and the people he surrounded himself with. 

I could be over-thinking this, but I apply this to the upcoming school year, and it motivates me as I start a new school year. What are my big dreams? What people am I going to surround myself with? How can I make my classroom make others feel at home in my classroom? How can I give others the best experience with my teaching and classroom? How can I give more attention to detail with my lessons, communication, etc. What can I do to engage my students?

Reflection is so powerful and honestly I just gloss over it a lot. It takes time and I don't give myself time, but I'm going to keep on reminding myself that's it worth it...and this is just the start of it. 

I would love to hear what others have been reflecting on. Let me know!! How are you planning to make this year a year of some dream building?